The trouble with BlackBerry

Today, the company-formerly-known-as Research in Motion, creators of the once-dominant smartphone BlackBerry, announced a name change to match their flagship product. In other news, nobody cares.

Okay, that’s a little harsh, but it’s more true every day. BlackBerry is no longer relevant, except as a case study of what not to do when a competitor launches a paradigm-shifting product. As if determined to prove that the company lives in a bubble, a recent radio interview from across the pond made me laugh today. Unfortunately, it also made me cringe.

Marketing buzzspeak is poison, but it’s downright mephitic (That’s right! I learned a new word today!) when an executive refuses to answer a simple question. One of the most frustrating thing about corporations today (aside from The Evil™) is that they use a lot of fancy words to say nothing. Rather than give a straight answer to a question, they focus on redirecting the conversation to a fanciful edition of their press release.

The problem BlackBerry is facing right now and that they just don’t seem to recognize is that they are no longer in control of the market. As such, they need to stop behaving like a large corporation and begin acting like a startup again. Make bold decisions, challenge the largest of your competitors and ignore the long-standing sithspit that you shouldn’t acknowledge your competitors. You’re the underdog now. Act like it.

Of course, BlackBerry could vanish into the æther and I wouldn’t care at all.

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