Best Apple links of the day

I came across a decent number of good articles today about Apple, all of which are worth a read, even if you don’t like Apple. Why? Because if you’re the type of person that expends any amount of energy repeating the misinformation that passes for journalism these days, it’s important to know when you’ve been had.

So, in no particular order, the best reads of the day are:

‘Every empire crumbles’ from John Moltz’s Very Nice Website

Swallowed whole from The Macalope over at Macworld

How Apple Is Destroying Android From The Inside Out (and why it’s difficult to see) from Kate MacKenzie over at Mac360

Of Myths and Market Share from Michael J. Tomlin’s obviouslogic (my personal favorite of the day)

Apple Investors ‘Dissatisfied’ With Life? from CNBC (this is a video, not an article), courtesy of MacDailyNews, which has transcribed key paragraphs from the video (if you prefer to read)

I was directed to most of the articles above by Daring Fireball and The Loop. I highly recommend reading both sites daily.

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