Android Malware: Still a thing

So yesterday, I was reading an absolutely ridiculous article over at BusinessInsider wherein the author (Kevin Smith, but not that Kevin Smith) detailed his decision to switch to Android if the next iPhone didn’t have specific features. Never mind the fact that at this point, it’s too late for Apple to even consider his features and that he’s not important enough to warrant Apple seeking his approval. Hilariously, he referred to it as the iPhone 5, even though there’s no precedent to indicate Apple will even call it that. Maybe he’ll stay in limbo forever waiting for a phone to be released that doesn’t exist.

Anyway, while perusing the comments on the article, I came across this doozy from one @Julie2aT:

Please oh please tell me of one virus that Android has? Oh, you’re talking about malware for installing applications from un-trusted sources? Only fools would ever download applications from third parties (I’m talking outside of Play Store, Amazon, SliderME)… the nerve of some people.

I tried to respond in the comments, but BusinessInsider’s website appears to be broken (so, it’s not just their authors) and comments would never post from any browser on my Mac or even Internet Explorer on a PC. So, rather than give up, I’ve decided to post my reply here for your entertainment (and hopefully, so @Julie2aT can see it).


Actually, malware has been a problem with Google’s own marketplace for some time:

From March 2, 2011: Android Market Apps Hit With Malware
(more info on this one: The Mother Of All Android Malware Has Arrived: Stolen Apps Released To The Market That Root Your Phone, Steal Your Data, And Open Backdoor)

“Sure, but Google has already resolved that,” you say. “That was over a year ago. It’s not like it’s happened since.”

My mistake. I must have misunderstood this article several months later.

From June 13, 2011: Google pulls more malware from Android Market

“Well, yeah, but that’s still over a year ago,” you retort. “What about something from THIS year?”

Okay. From January 16, 2012: Fake Angry Birds Game spreading Malware from Android Market

“Ugh. Whatever. Google has obviously fixed the problem, if the last one you’ve got is from more than half-a-year ago.”

Sure. You’re probably right. Oh, wait…

From August 6, 2012: More Android malware sprouting up amidst 2012 Olympics

“Oh, please. That was a whole three days ago. Surely…”

I rest my case.

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