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All this has happened before, and all this will happen again

On October 27, David Eick, Ronald D. Moore, Jane Espenson, and Edward James Olmos released upon the world Battlestar Galactica: The Plan. The film follows the story of the Cylons from just before the destruction of the colonies to just before they settle New Caprica. It deals with the reason for their attack on the […]

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(Non-American) Football Hero

I was reading my daily dose of The Tanooki on Tuesday when I came across a video that really impressed me. I’m sure most of you have played (or at least heard of) Guitar Hero or Rock Band. I’m positive, however, that none of you ever predicted this. Now, I can’t kick a soccer ball […]

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Blast from the LucasArts past

I was looking for a specific YouTube video for a friend of mine today and wound up recommending several to him. All of the videos are from the computer game Star Wars: Rebel Assault II, a rather entertaining computer game from the ’90s: one of the early-generation CD-ROM games. In the game there was a […]

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An Open Letter to MumboJumbo Games

I read an article recently that told the story behind StoneLoops! of Jurassica and its removal from the iTunes App Store. In the article, it was mentioned that the factor that initiated the removal of Stone Loops was MumboJumbo sending Apple a letter requesting it be removed. When I discovered this, I was rather upset, […]

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Minimalist videogame characters

Infinite Continues recently posted a set of images of video game characters reduced to a handful of shapes and colors. They are rather remarkable and would make excellent iPhone wallpapers, so I will probably be converting several for my iPhone soon. Infinite Continues is a blog that started similarly to my Classic Gaming Sporadically series, […]

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WhatsApp, doc?

Just the other day, I told you all about an iPhone app I was using in place of SMS called Ping! Well, it’s only been a couple of days, but true-to-form, I’ve already found an excellent competitor and possible replacement for Ping! called WhatsApp Messenger. WhatsApp works in the same method as Ping!, meaning that […]

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I had the opportunity today to discover two great albums. The first is called Songs for Samus by Seed A.I. (click the link at the top of the page to download). It’s an excellent chiptunes album that includes a song you may recognize titled “While My Gameboy Gently Weeps”. You can also listen to the full-length […]

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Surviving the Zombocalypse

In the eventual Zombocalypse a lot of our tools will be less useful in defense of ourselves and those we care about. It is commonly known that our more advanced technologies will be laid low in a manner of hours as the infestation results in overuse of, then damage or destruction to our cellular networks […]

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My iPhone Home Screen — San

The third page of my iPhone home screen is devoted entirely to games, and is the absolute most dynamic page on my iPhone. In fact, before I started writing this post, I changed this page two or three times in an attempt to get the best selection from my existing apps and the new ones […]

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My iPhone Home Screen — Ni

Okay, so page one was so long in the description section, I felt it was only fair to break this up into multiples. But the good news is that it gave me an idea. I will probably do 3 or 4 of these, as I am enjoying explaining to people why I choose particular apps […]

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