UPDATE: Parallel Kingdoms has received several updates since the writing of this post. Many (if not all) of the issues listed below have been resolved.


It doesn’t follow your movements using live GPS updates yet.

Enemies auto-attack you and are clustered together, which means if you open the game in the wrong spot you’re screwed, especially because the GPS doesn’t auto-update.

You have to physically move around the real world to find stuff to do, which is fine if you could a) do certain game activities from anywhere, b) fight any enemy onscreen, not just those right next to you (only could fight one thing the first time I played), and c) be chauffered around everywhere you go.

Crashes all the time. Also gets an error saying the network is too slow or something like that, even with full 3G bars.

Maybe if I lived in a densely populous city with quality public transportation, but I don’t. I’ll give the next version a shot to see if the stability improves, but for now, this game is only out there as a beta test and I’m not getting paid to test it.

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