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Parallel Kingdoms is (was?) incredibly broken

UPDATE: Parallel Kingdoms has received several updates since the writing of this post. Many (if not all) of the issues listed below have been resolved. Seriously. It doesn’t follow your movements using live GPS updates yet. Enemies auto-attack you and are clustered together, which means if you open the game in the wrong spot you’re […]

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Parallel Kingdom is now available for download

The new location-aware MMO for iPhone, Parallel Kingdom, became available in the iTunes Store late last night. For those that don’t already know, this app is designed to allow you to play a large-scale RPG based on where you currently are. Further, the game was simultaneously released for the iPhone and the Android OS, so […]

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Wait, what the hell is this game?

Last week, on Retroforce GO!, someone asked the crew what video games they got from their parents that they didn’t ask for. While the question was (it seemed to me) supposed to be about bad games that they got, it got me thinking. I don’t remember getting any games that I didn’t like from my […]

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My name is Bruce Campbell

YES! He’s back! While it may not be the new Evil Dead movie that has been talked about again and again, it’s still a movie where Bruce Campbell kicks evil’s ass. And frankly, I’m excited for it. Check out the trailer courtesy of Apple.

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From the Retroforce GO! Casefiles: V-Day

Just, fire and… and flames, just flames are pouring from the buildings now, there’s cars toppled, buildings, entire, just… crushed and crumbled. I’m not sure if it’s safe to report from my vantage point, I — I really need to leave. Civil defenses inform me that the surrounding areas are, are in ruin. I… I […]

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This is why I love Star Wars novels

Leia: “Han?” Han: “Yeah, sweetie.” Leia: “How do you teach a man not to be a noble, long-suffering, self-sacrificing idiot?” Han: “I don’t know, sweetie. Mostly I shoot them.” Leia: “I’ll consider that.”

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Touch it, baby! Crap, you broke it!

See Windows 7’s touch screen features fail to work (surprise!) on an HP TouchSmart. Direct link here. For a review of the HP TouchSmart by Walt Mossberg, wherein he points out that the TouchSmart is NOT “multi-touch”, go here.

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Today on the Internet

Here is some stuff I found today, that I thought I would share with you. Stay on Target (YouTube video, via WWdN) Beta versions of the new iPhone software allow you to download podcasts directly. About frakkin’ time, is all I have to say. Some other cool features seem to be the ability to rate […]

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Home Again (May 3, 2005)

I must go back I must be free And trapped no more Please, help me see The path I take To find the way I’ll make it home Or die today

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Oh, how the mighty have fallen…

I just watched last night’s episode of Chuck . For a show that I just got done praising as “the best show on television”, it has certainly fallen far from the tree with one glaringly ridiculous episode. ATARI FOUNDED BY A JAPANESE MAN?! Are you kidding me?!! What self-respecting American nerd makes that mistake? Did […]

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